Two days with HelenOS USB

We decided to have a coding weekend (the last one) due to approaching deadline for our USB project and I can (again) announce some good news.


OHCI, HID parser and more

It has been a while since my last post about USB support for HelenOS. But we have made some progress that I am proud to announce.


Adding HelenOS to existing GRUB

Last week we started testing our USB drivers on real hardware. That involves a lot of quick fixes, followed by burning the CD image (or creating bootable USB disk) and rebooting the computer. Not very comfortable. So I decided to polish my script for adding HelenOS to existing GRUB and make it available for everyone.


Hello from USB keyboard to HelenOS

I am proud to announce that today we were able to control HelenOS with plugged in USB keyboard. Although the abilities of the keyboard and host controller drivers are very limited, it is a huge step forward in our project.


IPC cheatsheet for HelenOS

Sometimes as a last resort when debugging HelenOS you need to use the kernel console. If the problem has something to do with IPC, you will end deciphering the IPC communication with ipc command. If you also do not remember that 1031 means request to VFS for file closing, you might find the following cheat sheet useful.