Blog migration

I decided to move my blog. The old posts and from now on also the new ones will appear only at new address at
If you were following me through an RSS reader, the new URL for the feed is


Introducing HelenOS coastline

I am still trying to bring GCC to HelenOS but the truth is that I haven't made a big progress since my last post. However, I promised another script that would simplify the porting even more. I am not 100% sure it simplifies it that much but it makes the whole process much easier to reproduce. Let me introduce the HelenOS coastline.


Towards GCC for HelenOS (3) - libmpfr

In previous posts I described my effort to bring GCC to HelenOS. This post briefly summarizes porting of yet another GCC dependency: MPFR library. It comes a bit late as the progress was already reported on last HelenOS meeting but the meeting report did not contain the actual commands, so here are they.


Towards GCC for HelenOS

Compiling GCC to run inside HelenOS is for quite some time on the ToDo list of HelenOS. I decided to give it a try and if you want to follow what I did so far, carry on reading.


Telneting to HelenOS

Not that long ago TCP rewrite was merged into HelenOS mainline branch. As a proof of its functionality, webserver was improved recently. That encouraged me to implement "remote console" offering posibility to run applications on HelenOS remotely over the network...


Two days with HelenOS USB

We decided to have a coding weekend (the last one) due to approaching deadline for our USB project and I can (again) announce some good news.